Sunday, May 04, 2014

st. augustine

It's been a while since I've blogged, but I need to get back into it again. For my boyfriend and I's 3rd anniversary, we took a trip to St. Augustine, Florida. We first visited St. Augustine during a car meet months earlier and have been wanting to return on our own to explore some more. St. Augustine has a really rich history and plenty of things to do & see. There's so much culture to discover in this little town. St. Augustine has some really great food too. I would love to go back again!

Monday, April 07, 2014

filipino cultural festival!

This past weekend my boyfriend & I went to the annual Philfest (Filipino Festival) and got a good taste of Filipino food! We had some chicken adobe + rice, boba and haro haro. Unfortunately we missed the Dance Competition but we still had a great time. It was a really hot day! Check out the pictures below 

© cafenekos

Monday, March 17, 2014

at the lake

My Spring Break was pretty uneventful, however I did visit Orlando to see my sister and we went to Winter Garden, it's such a cute little town and it's within walking distance of one of Florida's largest lakes. Lake Apopka was incredibly beautiful, it wasn't very crowded on the dock so we were able to take some pictures. We stayed until the sun set, the sky was clear and it was a wonderful sight  

© cafenekos
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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Monday, February 24, 2014

a few of my favorite things: lazy sundays

Here's some snapshots from my lazy Sunday~ I was planning on going to my favorite café but I have to reschedule my plans so maybe next weekend I will go with my sister. I can't believe February is almost over, this year is really flying by. I'll be graduating college in May, which is just unbelievable. Stress is soon to be piling up, so it's nice to have a relaxing day during the week. 

Kinfolk and Cereal are about to release their Spring issues and I'm SO excited for both of them! I've been reading through The Kinfolk Table lately since I'm dying for new Kinfolk material. I also read Frankie, except it's hard to get access to those. Frankie is Australia based (not available via Amazon) so I only buy them in store, whenever a store stocks them.

That little ball of black fluff is my dog, Emmie. I love her so much, she's the sweetest little pup you will ever meet. I'm taking photos of her constantly~

I recently shadowed at an advertising agency, so I'm sending out thank you cards to all the people who helped me there. I bought these sweet cards at Target, they're gorgeous! They're made by Mara Mi, I also love Rifle Paper Co. stationary. Those two are my favorites!

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Monday, February 17, 2014

valentine's day filled with love

It was a very lovely weekend, with my very special Valentine, three years in a row! Nate showed up at my house Valentine's morning with a handful of flowers and chocolates, just like a gentleman ;) My favorite flowers are daisies and he remembered!

We had a nice lunch together at a new bakery in town, instead of having dinner since I had to work Valentine's night. We decided to enjoy our day together on Sunday and go to the beach. The weather was perfect, even if it was a little chilly, but there were no clouds and it was just a lovely day outside. 

The beach was great since it wasn't too crowded. Some people were even wearing large jackets and pants! It was chilly enough to wear a sweater in the direct sunlight, which is pretty great weather for Florida. The water was (probably) freezing and not many people were swimming anyway. Nate and I brought a little lunch and ate it by the beach. We walked around to some stores and went on the pier too.

We saw a couple with a real picnic basket complete with checkered blanket, Nate and I plan to do that next time. Maybe even come back for the sunset and have a candlelit dinner. We went off the beach and had dinner at Bahama Breeze, I would have said it was an awful experience except the food was really good, everything else was subpar. We came around 3:30 (which is the slow time in a resteraunt) and the wait was still 30 minutes. When we got to our table, the service was extremely slow and it took forever for our server to get back to us. We almost left when we waited almost 10 minutes to put our order in. I'm glad we didn't leave because my salad was amazing. If hadn't been such a busy day, it would have been a better experience.

All in all, it was a wonderful Valentine's Day weekend. I don't necessarily like this holiday, since I feel like people should express their love EVERYDAY and not just on a certain day. But I do like all the chocolate and candy! ;)

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Monday, February 10, 2014

fun at the fair!

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I went to the Florida State Fair. It's something that has become a tradition for us, we've been the past three years and we always look forward to it. Here are some of my photos from our little fair adventure~

Our favorite thing is the food - we ate a couple of corn-dogs & a funnel cake. You can't visit the fair and not have a funnel cake. Down here in Florida, they sell mini gallons of sweet tea for $3. We didn't get one of those this time but it sure is a yummy treat on a hot day.

We came in the late afternoon so we could see the sun set but also see the night lights. We were surprised when fireworks started going off. That was a little bonus to our night. 

We didn't ride any rides - except for the ferris wheel. We picked the largest ferris wheel and it gave us the best view. That was probably my favorite part of the night. My boyfriend was bummed we missed the circus show, we saw it last year but he really enjoyed it and wanted to see it again.

The Florida State Fair always has animals to showcase and we stopped by to see some farm animals on our way out. I didn't get any pictures but there was the cutest alpaca, I love alpacas. He was unfortunately in a caged area labeled "llamas" yet he was clearly not a llama. 

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Sunday, February 02, 2014

st. pete saturday + dali museum

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to the Dali Museum in St. Pete. It was a required assignment by my professor, but I wanted to go anyway when I heard that I was able to get in for free!

The Dali building itself is really beautiful. The ceiling is actually based off a painting by Dali. Until April of this year the Dali Museum is featuring the Warhol exhibit, which I absolutely loved! I've always been a fan of Andy Warhol. The Warhol exhibit also had student work, which was so great to see.

Behind the Dali Museum, everyone tears off their armbands and ties them to this tree. I didn't tie mine but my boyfriend tied his. It was a really fun day, we both had a lot of fun!