Sunday, January 26, 2014

vintage camera craze

It hasn't been very long since I bought my first DSLR but I went back and decided to purchase an SLR, which is completely film and has no digital whatsoever. This camera is my second addition to my vintage collection, my first find was a Yashica 635 at a vintage craft show. The Yashica actually shoots 120 film as well as 35 mm, which I am super excited about!

I have never used film but my father and grandfather have so I have some great mentors lying around so I think that's really great that I can learn from them. My friend Dannie is the one who inspired me to purchase this camera (@akosidanmaire) please check out her instagram feed because it's one of my favorites!  

Below are some photos I took (using my dslr) to capture the beauty that is my Pentax Spotmatic camera! I will post a review of the camera, if I remember, once I start actually using it. I have some 35 mm handy, so I can start using this camera anytime. Thankfully, when I purchased this camera it came with the original manual, so I can learn more about how to use it. 

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

a quiet morning + a cup of chai

My mornings begin like most mornings, I check my phone for status updates, thumb through my instagram feed and check my emails. Then I get up and out of bed to make my breakfast and a hot cup of something. It's been cold lately so it's been easier to drink hot things, it's usually really hot here in Florida. 

Recently, I've become a - whovian! I'm a little late to the party, I'm only on season 4 but I'm absolutely obsessed. I don't watch much british shows besides sherlock but I wanted to start watching different shows. 

Here's some of my photos below from my morning. I got the new frankie mag daily journal in the mail the other day and I adore it, it's so lovely. It's filled with pretty floral pages and cute fonts, the only thing I wish it had more spaces to write in it, which would make it feel more like an actual journal. But still, it's so cute I love it!